Restaurant Table Linens Care

How to care for your restaurant table linens.

Your table linens should be laundered at home using standard washing machines, detergent, and dryers. Wash with similar colors in cool water.

The water temperature should be around 150F to prevent the color fading. Wash different colors separately.

Remove the linens from the dryer while it is still warm to help minimize fabric wrinkles, then fold and store or use right away.

White table linens can be treated with bleach to remove stains and should be washed as soon as possible after use to prevent permanent stains.

Don't dry the linen in high temperature laundromat dryers, as they run too hot and can shock the fabric and create permanent wrinkles.

The ironing temperature should be no higher than 320F.

Our table linen colors do not fade, even after many washings, they are also wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant.

Store your linens in an area with good ventilation such as your linen closet. Don't store your linens in plastic bags, or cardboard boxes.

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